Our Ambition

…is to colour the world.

At Wild&Mild, our dream has always been to make the world a little more vibrant, a little more sensual, and a little more you. We believe in self-expression and being able to provide the tools and products you need to say what’s on your mind and express what’s in your heart.

Wild&Mild carries over 300 shades, hues, and styles of premium-quality nail styling products that range in colour from light and subtle to bold and intense. So whether you tread on the mild side, run on the wild side, or skip happily somewhere in between, Wild&Mild has a shade that’s been blended perfectly just for you.


Redefining Nail Care


When Wild&Mild began back in 2008, we set out to make huge waves in the beauty industry. We know you have many options when it comes to nail polish brands, but we know not many of them are nearly as committed or responsible as Wild&Mild when it comes to formulating products.

Our line of premium nail polishes is safe, non-toxic, and affordable. We pride ourselves on being an eco-friendly brand. And we’re honoured to keep paving the way for high-quality nail products that are beautiful, safe to use, and free of toxic, ineffective fillers.