Our story

Wild&Mild is a bold line of nail polishes and nail care products designed for today's multifaceted woman. We believe in versatility. We believe in fashion. And we admire your many styles and numerous shades. At Wild&Mild, we believe that it was time to find a new, colourful way to celebrate all the shades of you. With our premium line of nail polishes and nail care products, we’ve found a way to do just that.


Wild&Mild started out with a simple mission: to colour the world and everyone in it. Therefore, we’ve created a line of cruelty-free, high-quality nail polishes that are 100% free of harsh additives and fillers. For the wild days, the mild days, and every day in between, we’ve got you covered. We do it in a way that’s eco-friendly, vegan-friendly, and toxin-free.


There’s no one shade that defines us all. And there’s no one colour that can tell our story in a single broad stroke. Instead, each day brings us a new packet of little defining moments, each with its own small stroke on a much larger canvas. For the bright, wild days of excitement and joy, and to the quieter days filled everything else, Wild&Mild premium nail polishes have a shade for you. And the beauty of how you choose to wear that day is 100% up to you.


Colour beautifully. Colour boldly.

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